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Join us on our mission to make the world a better place through fashion!

Our Story

Three years ago our story began, here in Germany, with a simple black T-shirt by our partner NGO ARTHELPS. Each shirt purchased supported a child annually in a South African aid project. This idea inspired us, a collective of designers, photographers, and architects, to found the world's first Social Fashion Luxury Label - 1C1Y.

We wanted to change the world with fashion. We believed the best ways was with empowering and equipping, children - the next generation.  Every 1C1Y item sold, supports a child with creative education through ARTHELPS. Through the power of design, children get to know their own strengths and creativity.

Social Fashion means a beautiful design with a clear conscience: Sustainable, timeless fashion that gives hope and perspective to children.


Every item will support a child with creative education

With our first two seasons, 'Foundation' and 'Workers of Hope' designed by Bernd Keller, known for his work with Hugo Boss, Marco Polo, and Puma, we established a permanent collection that will evolve over seasons. Our designs are a mix of elegant style and youth culture-infused streetwear elements. But what truly sets us apart is the knowledge that each purchase has made a positive impact on a child's life.

Our dream is to inspire others with Social Fashion. We want to empower our customers by providing them with joy, purpose, and a sense of responsibility for the next generation. We hope to inspire other industries to join us in taking responsibility for our societies and the world. Our pursuit of creativity, sustainability, and craftsmanship is a constant effort to make this world a better place, both inside and out.


Our dream is to inspire others with Social Fashion...

Join the movement of Social Fashion today and become a part of something bigger than yourself. Try one of our high quality garments and feel the difference your generosity towards a child makes. 

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