About Us

What if this was more than just a one-time campaign? Imagine the countless lives we could change...

Our Story

It all started with a black T-shirt, on Christmas. Every item sold by ARTHELPS would support a child annually in a south-African project. This snowy winter we started dreaming - what if this was more than just a T-shirt campaign? Imagine the countless lives we could change. Carefully sharing the idea with others, a collective of designers, investors, photographers, and architects found themselves in 2021 excited to start something new and lay the foundation of what is now the first of its kind Social Fashion Luxury Label - 1C1Y.


Under the creative leadership of Bernd Keller (Hugo Boss, Marco Polo, Puma) we developed our first season FOUNDATION, with a refined aesthetic and youth culture-infused streetwear elements. We wanted to create an everyday uniform for our generous everyday heroes. They don't just want to look extravagant but make this world a better place. How? With every item sold, they support one child for one year in an ARTHELPS creative project. We created beauty inside out.

two models leaning heads on shoulders dark outfits black male female white on polaroid

Our dream is to grow a community that builds a brighter future by wearing our fashion. Wearing 1C1Y on your skin means wearing joy, purpose, and empowerment for the next generation - piece by piece, child by child.

We hope to inspire other industries to join us in taking responsibility for our societies and the world. For this, we perpetually seek to pursue creativity, sustainability, and craftsmanship, making this world a better place, inside and out. 

Here are some of us...