"Art is a language. A language that everybody understands, that connects and needs neither rules nor boundaries. It doesn't even need words and yet it can be so loud, that it changes the world"



ARTHELPS is an initiative of creatives and artists, helping people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in a very special way: through art. Every contributor has experienced the power of creativity, the confidence and perspective it gives and wants to pass on that gift. The non-profit's innovative projects, give the children a platform on which they can discover, practise and live out their creative potential.


To empower young creators, the workshop concept is thought even further. Through exhibiting and selling some of the results, their works, hopes and fears are brought to the public and simultaneously make new creative projects possible. Unheard voices are treated as equals, an inspiration to those around them. 


Your contribution

Every item sold will support one child for one year in an ARTHELPS Creative Education Project. This happens through a legal fee of 60€, which 1C1Y automatically pays for every piece purchased. To us, this seemed the most transparent and safe way to support.

A goal of our symbiosis is to build CREATIVE HUBS, permanent, local facilities in areas like the Ukraine and Iraq, to bring longterm change. Until the finalisation of these buildings, your generous support will be used for local projects in Germany. For future updates, you can visit our blog.

"Most memorable are the moments when the originally very dependant kids realise, that we are not here for classroom teaching, but for them to realise their potential. Often their initiatives and ideas remain unappreciated by their downhearted communities. Yet, when they start to manifest their hopes and visions through art, a whole new energy and confidence is set free."
Tom Lupo / Founder of ARTHELPS