1C1Y x ARTHELPS - Celebrating Social Fashion at Sois Blessed Munich


Last week, Social Fashion took the stage...

in the cobblestoned heart of Munich in an inspiring evening we got to host with our friends at the luxury store Sois Blessed. Together with our partners at ARTHELPS, we had the chance to showcase our brand-new 1C1Y pieces as well as the live changing work of their creative workshops.

Together, we embarked on an inspiring journey from beauty from the outside to beauty from within...

The atmosphere was electric, brimming with excitement and camaraderie. Ruth and the Sois Blessed Team, known for handpicking each brand in their showroom, are already known for good surprises.

The evening commenced with a powerful speech from ARTHELPS founder, Tom, who shared his personal journey of inspiration and meaningful work. Watching his grandfather, an artist, as a child in his atelier, installed a longing for creativity in him.

Disrupting his successful career as a graphic designer, he discovered a new meaningful path for his craft– encouraging children through art. Tom‘s heartfelt words and journey towards founding ARTHELPS did not miss and resonated deeply with all of us.

Watch Tom Lupo's TEDX about his journey towards ARTHELPS

If there was one thing, we all had in common that night, it was knowing that creativity and beauty can change a life. 

As the night unfolded, all eyes turned to the highly anticipated fashion show.

Embedding the collection with a passionate speech about creating true value with fashion, our head of design Bernd Keller was thrilled to showcase our brand new, unreleased pieces, presented by friends of the Sois Blessed store. Each outfit was styled in cooperation with Ruth and her Team, boasting a cool and confident flair. The blend of quiet luxury and contemporary aesthetics emanated from the runway, captivating the audience with its unique charm. 

Showcasing our collection was also a testament to our commitment to sustainable fashion and timeless elegance.

Seeing the clothes hanging in the store highlighted the craftsmanship with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, that go into each and every 1C1Y garment.

In the end, this night was a resounding success, with many guests showing their support by purchasing pieces from our collection. Witnessing the impact of social fashion in real-time was truly heartwarming, reminding us of the profound influence fashion can have on its wearer and the children supported.

It was evident that we hit a nerve. The fashion landscape is hungry for different sustainable and creative concepts, such as Social Fashion. Evenings like this encourage us that fashion with value has to chance to take the forefront of a new German fashion wave.

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 or get inspired by our latest collection ‘Workers of Hope’.


Photography by Thomas Mandl