Beyond Mainstream Luxury Fashion: Unveiling the Boredom Factor

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Redefining Luxury Fashion

In the world of luxury fashion, it's crucial for brands to resonate with the forward thinking people who value individuality, social consciousness, and desire for authentic experiences. In this blog post, we wanted to delve into some of the reasons behind the disenchantment with mainstream luxury fashion and how we aims to offer a unique and purposeful fashion experience that aligns more with your identity and values.

We've lost Individuality and Self-Expression

Intrinsically fashion means embracing our uniqueness and allow self-expression. We humans seem to care care about what colours our tunics have, about the shapes of our pants and the fabrics we wrap around ourselves.
Yet mainstream fashiontrends, driven by a hyperconnected online world and seemingly look alike influencers, we are tending more and more towards a uniformity. Of course, there is a case to be made about identifying with others, but when it's all logos, glorified youth and fetishised nostalgia, fashion seems to overshadow the crucial piece - ourselves and our personal taste.

That's why we tried to design timeless Quiet Luxury, minimal slow fashion that does not push itself too much in front and center, but highlights your character, face, body. Of course it's not for everyone, but we thought it could be a start.

picture of bts 1c1y workers of hope

Mainstream fashion still avoids ethical values and sustainable practices

Environmental issues are no longer just a topic of interest, but a necessity. The more removed it feels when fashion labels still not act with ethical values and have sustainable fashion practices for several reasons. As a recent McKinsey surveys shows, more and more consumers demand a reduced environmental impact by reducing pollution and resource consumption! Luxury fashion first and foremost means to offer a unique experience, but if we have to extinct species for it, we are robbing ourselves of the most eccentric moments of all - life itself.

Secondly, irresponsibility and exploit are just unsexy! Socially responsibility fashion, fair wages and safe working conditions for all manufacturing artisans, going hand it hand with the demand for a supply transparency and accountability should be a given, especially if we pay a higher price for our garments. 

We hope the trend towards long-term viability by adaptation to changing regulations  and consumer demands, will stir the wheel of a fast paced, price dumping industry, towards bold and responsible decisions for a better future. 

As for us, we try to design Quiet Luxury, produced under fair und sustainable conditions. We don't believe in trends, but timeless sustainable fashion, that will enhance your character for many years to come. 

Innovation and Creative Exploration

When did we loose our open mind and craves for fresh perspectives and innovation? Fashion has always thrived on creativity and constantly pushing the boundaries of traditions. Especially in economically challenging times, innovative risks can mean uncertainty and not everyone might like them, but our community and a better future, demand our courage.

Whether it is our intergenerational team, collaborative artists, or the spirit of different cities we try to infuse our collections with dynamic and unconventional elements. In particular through to partnership with ARTHELPS championing the creativity of countless children, we hope to offer you an exciting and ever-evolving fashion experience that breaks free from the monotony of mainstream luxury fashion.

two split picture of Thomas Mandl and T shirt 1c1y print

Authenticity and Personal Stories

We need fashions authenticity and storytelling back and not just by the exceeding video- and photographers out there, but the clothes need to tell stories, they need to feel different.

From the hands of skilled artisans to the unique inspirations that shape our collections, we want to keep the human touch. By sharing the stories behind the pieces, we invite you to connect with the stories behind the clothes you wear, adding depth and meaning to your slow fashion choices.

Above all the biggest stories we are writing are those of the children we are supporting. Social Fashion for us, is a way to enrich the fashion industry and return to our ancient quest for true beauty.

With 1C1Y we wanted to create a unique and purposeful fashion experience. Something that is not boring but new, empowering you to express your true self, make a positive impact, and connect with the stories of the children you are supporting. Together, we can redefine luxury fashion and create a meaningful and authentic fashion journey.