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For those who get a chance to meet the Ciucius in person, it becomes evident that their artworks' mysterious depth doesn't come from anywhere. In the attentive presence of the dark-curly head, Sebi and the light-hearted, shoulder-length blonde Alina, one can sense the playful energy of this Viennese artist duo. Everything in their sunlit studio urges you to get creative!

We’ve asked the artists 5 questions to learn more about them, their fascinating artworks and their early connections to creativity.

How would you describe your art in 5 words?

Hopeful, lively, deep, joyful, touching.

collage of alina ciuciu and cat on seat 

What does a 'normal' Wednesday look like for the Ciucius?

Alina: We prefer a quiet start, so after waking up, one of us brings the first coffee to bed. Then we head to the studio and make our second round of coffee. Over time we realized how important it is to practice mindfulness and draw depth and creativity from routines. So with this second coffee, each of us takes some quiet time alone in the garden.

Being an artist requires surprisingly much organization: meetings, computer time, and to-dos that need to be discussed. After handling these in the morning, we finally get out of our heads and into the studio to create. Around noon, we take a short break for cooking and then continue creating. Unless we're completely captivated by an idea, we usually finish around 6-7 pm. Sebi usually plays badminton on Wednesdays, and I power myself out in high-intensity training. 

collage of sebastian in front of their studio in vienna and look at art inside 

What were your first encounters with art? 

Alina: I always won drawing competitions in school. It was just something I was good at, but at the same time, became my safe space. I drew for the sake of drawing, and perhaps that's why it was particularly important for me not to expect much more from it despite the awards. 

Sebi: I watched my father paint as a child. I remember how he painted landscapes on our walls. The grandeur and the ability to bring another world into our home always impressed me. 

What does artistic creation do to you? 

It transports us to a dimension where there are no barriers and obstacles. I can finally express what's inside me. That which words are not enough for, or are lacking. In the act of creating, one is first fulfilled, like a water pipe that is first watered. Long before it can refresh others.

picture of the ciucius in front of their own paintings

What would you like to say to your 6-year-old self again?

Don't take school grades so seriously! Rather, take everything that comes into your hands and consider what you can do with it. Even if others don't want to, don't stop exploring. And if something comes to your mind, have the courage to bring your idea to life. Even if it doesn't always work, there's so much less 'right' and 'wrong' than most people say.


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Pictures by Thomas Mandl