Visualizing 'Workers of Hope'


Soles squeak on the tiled floor, and a remnant of shower steam is still in the air – the workers have gone to work and we find ourselves in the empty locker room of the steel mill ‘Baumgarte’ near Bielefeld.

This is the perfect place for our ‘Workers of Hope’ photo campaign. For months we were scouting to find something that is worthy of this year's celebration of workwear fashion, merging luxury and functionality. A collection designed for everyday heroes, heroes like you and I who try to make this world a better place found its stage this modern architectural masterpiece.

Surprising materials such as paper touch cotton, or distressed cotton hemp fabrics flash before the chrome walls and invite the wearer into their story. We will not stop to hope! We will not stop to believe in every child we support. Still continuing our sustainable and ethical production practices these clothes are meant to accompany you and feel good inside and out.

From our modern workwear pieces such as our One Overall to our innovative slip-on jackets as our One Anorak, our commitment to fashion and innovation is reflected in every garment of this season.

As a sustainable fashion brand, we believe Workers of Hope should wear fashion for the job site that is ethical and sustainable. Designed to last for years to come, we continue to focus on a sustainable design. Whether you're looking for stylish workwear or a smart casual suit, this year's collection equips your wardrobe, your ‘locker room’.

So join us, become a ‘Worker of Hope’ and explore our collection today. Discover how fashion and function can seamlessly merge in our luxury workwear collection, still supporting a child with creative education with every item sold.

Photography: Eileen Jordan
Talents: Divanita Nuwame, Katja Brandt, Markus Lamar
Director: Thomas Mandl
Creative Concept: Thomas Mandl, Michel Kruschwitz
Styling: Bernd Keller, Michel Kruschwitz, Thomas Mandl
Styling assistance: Eva Maria Schorer, Lasse Kruschwitz
Location: Eisengiesserei Baumgarte, Bielefeld