Turning children into superheroes
These workshops are giving forgotten children a voice and a place of expression. They creatively visualise self-value and depict themselves as heroes.
Our Very 1C1Y Christmas Packaging

We had an amazing workshop at ARTHELPS, where we had the little artists design 100/100 limited and individual boxes, for you and the ones you love.

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Graphic showing 60 euro donation per item going to arthelps from 1c1y

How does the support work?

When developing our vision of a Social Fashion Label, we knew we had to be transparent. Any contributions to a benevolent cause, especially relating to incremental costs, had to have an ordered and straightforward process. So here's what we came up with..
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two hands holding in the middle of the picture one dark skinned male one pale light knit sleeves and suit jacket 1c1y
If you’ve spend some time around us, or our channels, you probably heard these two words quite a few times. But what do they actually mean?
picture of container building creative hub arthelps tele perspective trees around it
Hosting a Creative Hub allows moments of new confidence, dreams and affirmation on a regular basis – discover what’s buried within, on the canvas.
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