Turning children into superheroes


War and devastation mean a crushing weight on a neighbourhood.

Often, the children are the first to be forgotten.

The parents agony, often accidentally, buries the young minds ease and inherent joy. The kids cave in. They must hide in the grey.
UNHIDE/Hero are ongoing ARTHELPS projects in the Ukraine, giving those forgotten children a voice and a place of expression. In creative workshops they are given the chance to visualise self-value and depict themselves as heroes.

Their real superpower is a free mind and a new perspective.

Today, with the nation at war and an uncertain future, it’s more important than ever, to continue to empower and bring hope. With the help of CREATIVE HUBS, permanent facilities in Central and West Ukraine, regular workshops will bring the colourful message of creativity like a lifeblood into 2023.     

We are looking forward, to support more children in the Ukraine with every 1C1Y item sold!

picture of children during arthelps workshop in ruins dressed up as superheroes