1C1Y attains the highest form of aesthetic - beauty inside out. When it comes to design and product, we continue to explore multiple dimensions: Appearance and styling, sustainability, and social impact. 

two faces of models blurred before clean white background 1c1y campaign dreamy mood

The first, 1C1Y marries a refined sartorial style with streetwear elements. Our carefully crafted garments are culturally informed, versatile, and silently expressive.

The second dimension regards the future. We want to add value to the fashion industry. Naturally, one of our constant creative challenges is the sustainability of our process. We purposefully design timeless pieces, standing the constant, exhaustive flow of trends. Innovative, sustainable materials and deliberately electing manufacturers with high standards regarding human or environmental rights, are the core of our production process. Especially since we are a multigenerational collective, this dimension is regularly discussed and on the look for pioneering ideas. 

Those who wear Social Fashion know, it is far more fulfilling to live for more than just yourself

Lastly, our products have an invisible dimension. Wearing 1C1Y is not reduced to the piece of clothing itself. You wear a child's hope, dreams, and potential. Feeling 1C1Y on your skin is to be part of a movement that believes in true beauty that shines from the inside out. Those who wear Social Fashion know, it is far more fulfilling to live for more than just oneself. This realization is the uniting factor between everything we do and will remain pivotal through every style or season.