As a Social Fashion Brand, we are dedicated to continuously ensure and improve the sustainability of our creative process, whether that is sourcing new technology fibres, organic materials or ensuring fair work conditions for our manufacturing artisans.

What is our meaning of sustainability?

We feel a deep awe and appreciation for people, animals and our shared environment. After all, we only have this one earth. 

To us, responsibility means transparency and credibility that is why, with our sourcing partners, we make sure to produce sustainable and ecologically. Additionally we keep our manufacturing process accountable to independent bodies.

Our wool is sustainable made and mulesing-free. The farmers work with a wholistic, progressive approach towards their land and uphold the Five Freedoms of animal welfare.
Our certified cotton materials are grown and harvested according to innovative and sustainable methods.
Most of our synthetic materials meet the ISO definition of recycled. The production must be according to the restrictions of hazardous chemicals for workers or the environment. 

Social criteria of sustainable fashion

Thankfully. these days sustainability defines not just the materials, but the work of every artisan, contributing to our clothing.
With our sourcing partners, we aim for excellent work conditions, resulting in humane and precise manufacturing. 
All production works according to OECD Guidelines, the Core Conventions of ILO and the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. They support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals forbidding i.e child labour, unsafe work conditions or under living wage compensation.

We predominantly produced in Europe, that is in Portugal and Turkey, however some of the most skilled artisans find themselves beyond our shores.
Cross continental productions, as in Asia, are only optional if a baseline of fair payment and honouring, safe work conditions is granted. Exclusively considering certified and regularly monitored factories, we are looking to support manufacturers, meeting our high standards of fabrication and social quality.

Sustainable luxury fashion is not just the manufacturing process - it's in the design itself

The fashion industry, one of the biggest contributors to the worldwide pollution, has been guilty of producing an enormous pace of trends, pushing itself on us. We aim to decelerate with an understanding, that fashion should be the extension of someones character, regardless of age, gender, race or belonging. Our versatile design should remain a longterm companion of your wardrobe.

Social Fashion as a business model aims towards a better future. Rooting our label in a socially active cause, means to invest into most important asset - the next generation. Who knows what young mind, unleashed by creativity, finds the solutions to our worlds most begging questions?