One Macro Knit Summer in Red


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75% Organic Cotton; 25% Polyamide

+ This item supports 1 Child in need for 1 Year

1C1Y's bold red paired with distressed details creates a uniform for a "Worker of Hope", bringing a positive change by supporting a child.

The fabric composition of this unisex sweater is specially made for warmer temperatures. A breathable knit pattern and smooth yarn, cool on the skin, allow transparency at every season.

The Cotton-Polyamide fabric is slightly transparent and distressed details may vary slightly from each item.

Signature red stitch on the back shoulders

Hand wash only

1C1Y products are meant to be worn and gradual signs of ageing add to their character

Made in China

Fits true to size. Sleeves are slightly longer, so they drape on the wrists.

Knit pattern and distressed details create a slightly transparent look.

Designed to fit cropped and longer on the sleeves.

The male model wears size M, the female S


Height 189 cm
Chest 93 cm
Waist 78 cm

Height 181 cm
Chest 78 cm
Waist 61 cm

Organic materials harvested under innovative farming methods and produced sustainably under fair conditions

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