How does the support work?


With every item we support 1 Child for 1 Year in a creative education project. This happens through 60€ we donate per item to our partner NGO. 

How do we remain transparent?

When developing our vision of a Social Fashion Label, we knew we had to be transparent. Any contributions to a benevolent cause, especially relating to incremental costs, had to have an ordered and straightforward process. So here's what we came up with: 

We legally obligated ourselves to pay 60€ per item to our partner organization ARTHELPS. That way, we can easily account for our contributions when comparing them to the list of sold projects.

What happens with my donation?

60€ is ARTHELPS'S estimated cost to support 1 Child for 1 Year in one of their creative projects and that's where your money is going towards. 

An ongoing goal of our partnership is to build the so-called Creative Hubs. They are permanent container facilities in disadvantaged communities in the Ukraine or Iraq, bringing lasting change through creativity.

While they are still under development, ARTHELPS can use your funds to support already running, local projects in Germany.


picture of child with dream written on her face showing an example of arthelps workshop

Is ARTHELPS credible?

ARTHELPS have proven their consistency over the last 7 years through various local and international activities. Independent and national press has reported about their outstanding work and the effective results of their innovative approach.

Secondly, they are a state-registered non-profit organization, which under federal law, has to expend all profits for charitable causes.

Lastly, ARTHELPS founder Tom Lupo is part of the 1C1Y Team. Having a close relationship with our partner organization is crucial to ensure transparency, and regular updates on the supported projects and to stay in touch with their vision and goals.

To read more about ARTHELPS click here.