What is Social Fashion?

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If you're familiar with 1C1Y, or been on our social media channels, you probably heard these two words a lot. But what do they actually mean? 

The word Social Fashion

Social - something relating to social communities, companionship with a connotation to social welfare and equality. 

Fashion - the art of dressing people, a visual expressive language relating to the whole industry behind the design, making and storytelling of your clothes.

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What is a Social Fashion Label?

For us, Social Fashion means bringing together the worlds of fashion and social engagement, inspired by passion, commitment and responsibility. 

A Social Fashion Label designs and sells a product and simultaneously supports a bigger vision.
They help individuals in need, non profit organisations or future orientated causes and by that, not only design outfits, but a better world. Social Fashion Labels need to be profitable, so they can perpetually support the cause they are committed to.

Where is the difference between Social Fashion and other fashion labels?

What differentiates them from other companies who support welfare projects, is that charity is an integral part of the concept. The financial support of the attached cause is not just a one-off project, but part of the business plan.

In our case, we support our partner organisation ARTHELPS with 60€ per item.
Through that we want children, whether disadvantaged, traumatised or discouraged to have access to creativity and play. We believe that creativity is a key to unlock new hope, self-confidence and ultimately a chance for a better life for children all around the world. 1C1Y social fashion collage arthelps

The philosophy behind Social Fashion

Social fashion has a deeper definition of beauty than the latest vogue: Beauty is something that restores, hopes and reciprocates itself tomorrow. 

Blind consumerism tells you to buy and define yourself through your looks, or whoever is associated with it. However, deep down we are all looking for more than just a quick "shopping fix". We want to make a difference, leave a legacy and give from what we've been given. 

With Social Fashion we want to create the passion for aesthetics and taste with true values and marry consumerism with care. We want to make it easy to help.
We hope more and more ventures are inspired by this hopeful, highly pragmatic and sustainable approach for a better tomorrow. 

You can join our Social Fashion movement today by shopping our latest collection, supporting a child with every 1C1Y item.