What is Social Fashion?

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If you’ve spend some time around us, or our channels, you probably heard these two words quite a few times. But what do they actually mean? 


The two words on their own are fairly familiar: 

Social - something relating to social communities, companionship with a connotation to social welfare and equality. 

Fashion - the art of dressing people, a visual expressive language relating to the whole industry behind textile on our skin. 

diagram of social fashion symbols of ngo product and world vision in circular motion

1C1Y a Social Luxury Label 

For us, Social Fashion is joining these two parameters inspired by commitment and responsibility. 

A Social Fashion Label designs a product for more than just adorning your body - they support somebody or something in need. As they grow, their vision of a better society and world grows with them. 

What differentiates them from other companies who support welfare projects, is that they are committed from the root on. If times get tough, they continually support, if the community grows, so does the support.

Social fashion has a deeper definition of beauty - something that restores, hopes and reciprocates itself tomorrow. 

To find out more about how you can join our Social Fashion movement, check out our partner organisation Arthelps.