A few reasons why knit wear is more sustainable


When we mention knit, what first comes to mind? Are you lounging in front of a fireplace? Are eyeballing your favourite go-to knit sweater that you'll throw over as soon as the first leaves fall?

Wool has come a long way over the last 10.000 years and your granny’s home-made mittens. But there are a few reasons why wool, especially Merino wool, makes a grand part of our collection and why you might reconsider your on-off relationship, with this beautiful material.

collage image of once macro merino 1c1y knit and merino sheep

Merino knits produce less waste during production

While other items such as cotton T-shirts are assembled of various cut out patterns, most knit clothing is made from individually woven parts. Avoiding the cut out scraps, your Merino knit sweater can play a part in reducing the 92 million tons of waste, produced annually by the fashion industry. 

Wool is an organic, renewable and biodegradable textile

Just like you and I need new haircut (reminder to treat yourself from time to time), sheep are being sheared once a year. We only use RWS wool, which means the animals live a natural environment and the shepherds refrain the terrible habit of mulesing the sheep. This wool can be spun into fine threads.

To use wool means to attain the fabrics from natures reproductive rhythm.

Its decomposing features qualify it way more for the future, than synthetic textiles, which often rely on fossil fuels and add to micro-plastic pollution which spoils our drink water. 

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Knitwear is timeless and a good slow fashion investment

Knitwear has a long history, from ancient tunics to todays Italian fashion. With its enduring appeal and versatile nature, it's still a timeless investment in any wardrobe. Classic designs and cozy textures transcend fleeting trends, ensuring that a well-crafted knit piece remains relevant season after season. Whether it's a finely woven Merino Longsleeve or a plush Sweater, knitwear exudes an air of sophistication and comfort that effortlessly which fits into so many occasions. Moreover, its durability and ability to age gracefully make it a worthwhile slow fashion investment. You want to look for a high-quality knit garment, that not only provides warmth but also has a timeless, minimal style. That way, knitwear is a wardrobe staple that offers both immediate gratification and long-term value.

Merino wool- a sustainable & practical superwool

Finally, wool has natural properties which benefit you and reduce water usage. Merino wool’s superpowers, softness and warmth lie in the fibre. The finer the fibre, the softer the material. ​Merinos natural structure supports the transfer of moisture and absorbs odour causing bacteria. That means you can comfortably wear your knit and not worry about your clothes smelling bad.

By using ultrafine yarns, as in our MAR1A or 1VAN, we've created an all-year staple for your wardrobe which you confidently wear every day, designed by Bernd Keller but engineered by no one else than mother nature herself.