Creative Hubs - A space for expression


kids with brown skin drawing concentrated with pencils and pens arthelps project example 1c1y

The vision

One goal of 1C1Y's partnership with ArtHelps is to build the so-called Creative Hubs. A Creative Hub is a centrally located meeting place, where local artists and creatives give regular creative projects. The temporary project becomes a permanent, physical workshop. Here, the children continuously get to experiment, articulate and express themselves through painting, crafts, design or music. In addition, they receive a warm meal daily.

picture of container building creative hub arthelps tele perspective trees around it

What happens on the inside?

 „The painting rises from the brushstrokes as a poem rises from the words.
The meaning comes later.“ – Joan Miro

The primary idea of these local facilities is not only to teach, but to create a space for expression. Located in disadvantaged communities, a child's moment of intuitive creativity, like the stroke of a brush, or a song sung, can mean to rise above the discouraging voices or realities. Hosting a Creative Hub allows moments of new confidence, dreams and affirmation on a regular basis – discover what’s buried within, on the canvas. Another goal is to intentionally draw together children from different demographic backgrounds, so they can achieve, laugh and learn from each other.  

Your 1C1Y piece is creating that space for yet another child, another teacher, another room. Thank you.

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