Elegant Transitions: Must-Have Pieces for Autumn & Winter 2023

Elevate Your Autumn Wardrobe: Timeless Trends for Fashion-Forward Thinkers

With the dropping temperatures, fall fashion season has officially started. When it comes to your 2023 autumn/winter wardrobe, slow fashion and timeless classics take centre stage. This year is also (finally) a year in which the mantra of "Buy less, choose well, make it last", becomes a trend.

Today we will explore some general and 2023 trends and design tendencies, to make this year's wardrobe as fashionable and sustainable as possible.

1.) Sweaters in neutral colours but interesting feels

The heart of 2023 autumn fashion lies in timeless design and extraordinary comforting materials. How about you try something new from the warmth of a fine merino longsleeve to the comfort of wool sweaters and chunky, oversized silhouettes, the trend is going towards embodying both sustainable, elegant style and choose craftsmanship. 

The question to ask yourself is, what looks interesting, but could I still wear in a few years time? Again we recommend choosing a neutral colour like ivory, black, brown, or grey so you can mix and match it with as many outfits. 


one macro sweater rose may alaba


2.) Elegant Pants as a Statement Piece

Second on our list of timeless fashion pieces are elegant wide pants - an absolute wardrobe staple. We are looking for investment pieces and sustainable luxury, so we recommend finding some pants in black or a neutral colour and combine it with a slim top, like a knit, ribbed tanktop, or an ultrafine Merino Shirt. As a shoe you may pick a boot or flat sneaker. This way you can create seemingly simple outfits minimal smart-casual looks.

→ Our Social Fashion option would be our Unisex Wide Pants M1kyta

3.) Wrap yourself in a Statement Scarfs

While scarfs are obviously a must have item for every winter, this years trend goes towards setting a special tone with the knits you wrap around your neck.

Don’t be afraid to set a statement, whether with an extra-large or micro scarf (talking about 90s trends), a special material or a brand you want to represent. 

→ Our One Scarf made of Merino and Alpaca Wool

1c1y one scarf extra large wrapped around head


4.) Start Meshing around 

→ Our tunic Fat1ma is a great example for a perfect layering piece


Mesh might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fashion you should wear in winter, but the trick is to chose a warm material and to layer it. 

While most mesh tops in summer are made of polyester, a winter mesh top or dress is made from fine wool or merino.

5.) Oversized Over Everything

A good investment piece for Her and Him is the Oversized Suit Jacket Trend. The oversized suit jacket has become a staple over the last years and can be worn by anyone. Its forgiving cut and timeless, elegant design make it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. If you wear a slim knit underneath, you can create a smart casual look with character, blending elegance and comfort. We suggest a thicker blazer material, so on dry days you can wear it as a jacket.

A tip for small people: Choose a cropped, oversized jacket, so your legs look a little longer.  

→ From our Social Fashion collection we could recommend our unisex jacket Andr1y

6.) Navigating the Return of 90s Fashion: Overalls and Baby T's

Remember the pandemic? Yeah, that’s just a few years ago, but its repercussions still have an influence on today's fashion. We want to dress up, we want to get out, live life – in all the worries today we long for a more carefree time, like the 90s! The latest Beckham documentary invites us as well to revisit the bold yet timeless styles of the 90s.

Why not embrace this resurgence with confidence, blending elements of elegant streetwear like Overalls into your autumn wardrobe? Minimal aesthetics a la Helmut Lang, bold cuts a la Martin Margiela – as long as it’s timeless, we are all here for it.  

→ Our One Overall 

image of 1c1y one overall and model in slim top 90s look

7.) Incorporating Sustainability: The Eco-Conscious Approach

Even though we still have a long way to go, the fashion industry is trying to incorporate more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of dressing and manufacturing clothes. A lot of the choices are now depending on you, the consumer and which clothes you will choose to buy.

So when you choose your new Merino knit or elegant trousers, check if the production of it was sustainable and fair. Small things like looking for certifications and materials going a long way in preparing this world for a better tomorrow.


So in autumn and winter 2023, fashion-forward trendsetters have an array of options to choose from, all rooted in the values of slow, elegant fashion and sustainable luxury. Remember, fashion is an art - choose pieces that resonate with you, and wear them with confidence. Happy autumn styling!



Pictures by Thomas Mandl 
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