Social Fashion styles that make a difference in this world


We believe style can change a world...

Marie and Oskar showing us how easy it is to look good in Social Fashion and to make a difference in a child's life. Check out three Social Fashion styles they've prepared, featuring Knit dresses, oversized and distressed jumpers as well as our new One Anorak in Black.  

cover picture of model in big ivory knit in front of shiny wall

Style 1: Confidence and Comfort in our Merino Tunic & Bomber Jacket

For this look Marie jumped into our Merino Tunic Fat1ma and styled it with only a shirt and shorts underneath. This super comfortable and feminine look can be styled with some trainers and pulled up socks. Styled with a padded bomber jacket, this look retains its sporty and urban attitude. 


picture of 1c1y social fashion styling merino tunic and bomber jacket on model marie

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Style 2: Juxtaposing fabric textures in our distressed Knit Jumper and water repellant Anorak  

1c1y social fashion model oskar in one macro summer and one anorak in black

Oskar is wearing our One Anorak, distressed Knit Jumper and wide Pleated Pants in black. Keeping your wardrobes in a few, neutral colours is always a good idea, because you can easily match and combine your fashion pieces.
In this case Oskar is creating an interesting look because he's combining the distressed see though texture of our One Macro Summer with the smooth, shiny surface of our One Anorak


Style 3: Unisex styles that look good on everyone

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Most knits, especially when oversized, can be worn as unisex pieces. In this case Marie and Oskar have simply styled our thick merino knit in different sizings. Marie has gone for an oversized style and has styled it with wide pants, while Oskar went for a classic fit. In any case, a knits are often a great investment, versatile and ideal for a shared wardrobe! 

collage of oskar and marie in one macro styling

Hope you discovered some great styling or gift ideas. With 1C1Y you're not only wearing fashion, but bringing colours and creativity to a child's life and generosity is the style that looks good on everyone!