Three Knit Styles for this summer


When you think about knitwear you often associate a warm chunky sweater for winter, but in many cases knitwear can be an absolute game changer and sustainable slow fashion favourite for your summer. To convince you, here are three ways how you can wear knit in summer and why knit can be great sustainable fashion.

A knit sweater for the night

You've spend all day strolling through mysterious little alleys, found peace in a park and enjoyed wearing less in the hot sunbeams. In the evening you find yourself near the water for a dinner, Negronis and a good laugh with friends. As the sun gradually disappears, you are starting to get chilly - good that you have him crumpled in your bag: Your Throw Over Knit.

We recommend a light knit and an oversized cut. That way you won't get sweaty and you can throw it over whatever you're wearing. A wider cut gives you room for movement and the thinner the yarn, the better it can fit in your bag. 

In terms of fabrics you want to look out for cotton, hemp since the natural organic material are quite breathable and robust. If you're out for something more elegant, you may look for a fine cashmere or merino longsleeve, which is naturally odour resistant.


Feeling confident in a transparent knit

The see-through, or distressed knit is a great option for those who like to play with fashion and want to avoid the synthetic feeling of mesh. Let's say you're feeling good about yourself, don't want restrain your energy in thick layers of clothes - WEAR LESS: wrap yourself in a see-through knit. 

Key to this is confidence. Look wise you may either go with a distressed punk-style attitude, maybe pair it with denim, or you juxtapose the look with a business blazer. Another option is to opt for a sexy beach look and stick with only a bikini underneath. 

You want to choose a material that feels good on your skin. You want to avoid scratchy wool or too rough cotton. Once you found something, hopefully organic, you feel well in, it will live with you for years.

We've designed our distressed knit dress Ze1na for exactly that, made of an exciting cotton hemp fabric.

The knit vest - an all year rounder

With the revival of 90's and Grunge-style, the knit vest has long lost its once stuffy image. Let go of the sleeves and let your shoulders breathe! Leave the jacket at home and throw your knit vest over a T-Shirt or button up. 

What makes a knit vest so versatile is that you can either wear it as a tank top, or layer it, so it can follow you throughout the year. You can go two ways with it - either dress is up with some pleated pants or shorts, or in a streetwear style with wider pants. 

We prefer a more oversized style so the air around your torso has some room to circulate. Especially in summer we recommend a smooth, thick yarn, since it is gentle on the skin and it can create an interesting texture. 

Our oversized knit vest Husse1n

Watch our head of design Bernd Keller explain the thoughts behind one of our knit pieces...

Why knitwear is a key to sustainable fashion 

There are three areas of sustainability which are outstanding when we talk about knitwear. Longevity, reduced waste and organic materials. 

It's an investment but the fact that it often comes with intricate craftsmanship and durable construction, makes knitwear timeless slow fashion and reduces the need for frequent replacements. This significantly minimizes the environmental burden of excessive textile production.

Moreover, knitting allows for precision crafting, generating little to no fabric wastage compared to traditional cut-and-sew techniques. This promotes a sustainable and more resource-efficient production process.

Embracing organic fibers like organic cotton, responsible merino wool and hemp reinforces knitwear's commitment to sustainability, as these materials are cultivated without harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers and are biodegradable.

By choosing knitwear, you join the movement towards a slow, sustainable fashion and more responsible fashion choices. For our knitwear we only choose certified responsibly sourced wool, organic cotton or hemp and safely recycled fabrics. 

→If you are looking at investing into a new knit piece, feel free to check out our Social Fashion collection