Sustainable Style: Unveiling our Must-Have Pieces from Our Latest Collection


Step into a world of sustainable fashion and timeless style with our latest collection. We're thrilled to present you three must-have pieces that will ignite your excitement for dressing sustainably. Get ready to embrace your unique style while making a positive impact on the planet. Let's dive into some exceptional pieces that will have you excited to refresh your wardrobe.

pictures of shal1maa white blouse left side hanging right side with 2 models 1c1y

1. Sha1maa: Elegant White Silky Blouse

Indulge in the sheer elegance of Sha1maa, our exclusive white silky blouse designed to captivate. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this timeless piece embodies sophistication and sustainability. Made from Cupro-Tencel, a luxurious fabric created from regenerated cellulose fibres, Sha1maa combines elegant comfort and environmental responsibility in one stunning blouse. With its versatile wide cut, it effortlessly complements any occasion, allowing you to express your personal style with grace and poise. Prepare to turn heads and feel empowered knowing you're making a positive impact through your fashion choices. Shop here

2 pictures one upper body one detail shot of 1c1y 1van merino t shirt in sand colour 2. 1van our Sand Coloured Merino T-Shirt

Elevate your everyday style with 1van, a sand-coloured Merino t-shirt that exudes both comfort and conscious fashion. Crafted from organic and sustainable wool, this versatile piece reflects our commitment to responsible fashion. The wool is sourced from sheep protected by the Five Freedoms, ensuring both animal welfare and sustainability. With its impeccable fit and luxurious feel, 1van effortlessly merges style and ethics. Step out confidently, knowing that each time you wear 1van, you're supporting a fashion industry that values both your style and the planet. Shop here

pictures of one macro summer in red one of model in an industrial room the other a detail shot

3. One Macro Summer in Highlight Red 

Ignite your summer wardrobe with the vibrant charm of One Macro Summer, our captivating highlight red knit sweater. Made from a blend of organic cotton and polyamide, this knit sweater is a testament to our dedication to sustainable fashion. Harvested using innovative farming methods, this piece celebrates both style and environmental consciousness. From its eye-catching hue to its distressed details, One Macro Summer is a statement of confidence and conscious fashion. You can wear this as a perfect 'throw over' item, while embracing the warmth of summer and empowering yourself as an advocate for a more sustainable and fashionable world. Shop here

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At 1C1Y, we're thrilled to present our latest collection, featuring the exquisite Sha1maa blouse, versatile 1van t-shirt, and captivating One Macro Summer knit sweater which comes in three colours. Get excited about dressing sustainably and making a positive impact with these extraordinary pieces that seamlessly blend style and ethics.

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